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5 Ways That Belmont Pet Shop's 69 Years Of Service Can Benefit Your Furry Friend

[fa icon="calendar"] Apr 22, 2017 1:58:11 PM / by Maura Brown

benefit your furry friend 

Belmont Pet Shop has been around since 1948. In those years, they have learned just what you need when coming to a pet shop. Check out this list of 5 Ways that Belmont Pet Shop's 69 Years of Service Can Benefit Your Furry Friend. 

1.  One-Stop Shop For All Things Dog (and more!)

Belmont Pet Shop offers everything you could need from a pet care provider, including: grooming, pet supplies, food, boarding, and training. Their offers are not limited to just dogs - They have plenty of pet supplies for cats, reptiles, birds, hamsters, guinea pigs, ferrets, mice, rabbits, gerbils and other small pets. 

2. Focus on Providing Healthy & Nutritious Food Options

Belmont Pet Shop wants what's best for your pet - and nutrition is at the very top of the list. All of the foods sold at the store are healthy and nutritious, ensuring you have a well-fed and well-nourished furry friend. 

3. Use Only Top of The Line Products. 

Belmont Pet Shop uses only the best of the best products when grooming your pup. Some of these include: Bobbi Panter, Eqyss, Zen Dog, and more!

4. Experienced & Certified Groomers

All groomers at Belmont Pet Shop have been certified and know just how to make your pup feel at ease when they go in for grooming. You can rest assured that your pup is in good hands at Belmont Pet Shop. 

5.  Dedication to the Well-Being of All Animals. 

The Belmont Pet Shop puts the animals first. All products sold are the highest quality and the experienced staff knows just what to do to keep your dog safe and happy. Not only do they promote health and wellbeing of animals within the walls of the store, they are also a member of the United States Humane Society. 

Interested in supporting a local business and finding that all-in-one pet shop that satisfies all your animal needs? Belmont Pet Shop is your answer. 

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Maura Brown

Written by Maura Brown