Puppy Love. 

Puppy Care and Training for Our Favorite Canine Friends. 
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We aren't just another day kennel. 

Here at Puppy Love Pet Care, we focus on one thing: the wellbeing of your pup. Canines are extremely impressionable between the ages of 10 weeks and 2 years, and we strive to help you socialize, train, love, and nurish your pup as best we can during this important time. Our certified trainers (and dog lovers!) will plan training sessions throughout the day to teach house training and common commands. 
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We will keep you informed every minute of the day.

We understand the feeling of unease dropping off your new puppy to an unfamilar place. That's why have created a company that puts the needs of the puppy and its owner first.  To ensure your nerves are at ease, we offer a Livestream feed of all puppy play areas that can be accessed via any mobile devices. You can tune in to see your puppy train, nap, and make friends, all from the tap of a phone!
It had been over 10 years since my husband and I have had a puppy living with us. Overwhelmed, we sought out the training services of Puppy Love and were blown away with our pup's progress. Their kind staff helped restore order to our household!

Jenny Bakerson Puppy Love Customer

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Designed with Your Lifestyle in Mind. 

We know you're busy. Let us help. Not only do our services take your pup off of your hands during the day; our unique training solutions are carefully designed to encourage your puppy to become a welcome (and polite) member of the family. 
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Here's What We Can Offer. 

We offer an array of services and benefits to ensure your pup is getting top of the line care and training. These include:

  • Door-to-door transportation
  • Livestream recording of Puppy Play Pens for on-the-go-monitoring
  • Socialization
Committing to a puppy was a difficult decision for my wife and I because we both work full time, 9-5 jobs, and were concerned about leaving him along. The trainers at Puppy Love took the time to make us feel comfortable leaving Charlie in their hands, and the Livestream video monitoring app gave us peace of mind. The trainers gave us guidance on how to further improve Charlie's behavior, and their teachings have proven invaluable to us and central to our success with Charlie. We strongly recommend Puppy Love, who turned Charlie from a yappy puppy into a happy puppy!

Alexander Berry Puppy Love Customer

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